My Case

Conclusion I need to explain first why this can happen It can happen and did happen only because I am on a list of 13’s. That may be hard for most people to understand, but if our parents were alive today they would say the same thing. There was a document sent to our household that I can only say writes itself. I have not been allowed to read any of it. So my attempts at trying to describe it are not very good, but I do have proof that it exists. The final place I saw it, even though I cannot absolutely prove that it was there since it was seen from a distance of about 5 feet was Madison House in Hyde Park, part of Cincinnati Ohio. I need to explain something that happened in our house in the 1950’s I think I mentioned that there was a document that our mom and my brother roger and also my brother Mike saw in the 1950’s But for my brother Mike it was much different in the sense that the people that came from the Boston area talked him into to something by putting someone his age in 4th grade. They put someone in his 4th grade at St Anthony’s and her job was to meet him and make it look like it was accidental when it wasn’t. Then there was the call to Paul Gerson Jr Neil’s friend not mine that my brother said to him “It says right here I’ll buy that baby U thant and Tito because Paul Gerson had won the Contest according to Neil. What everyone doesn’t notice that there are astrological houses not just houses you live in The Great Seal of the United States and how it relates to my life, and the human races The list of 13’s can be shown to be real by looking at the Great Seal of the United States. In the seal there are four places where 13 has been included for a very good reason. Those are: The “Star of David”, I put the Star of David in quotes because the Star of David is not really the origin of that symbol but I guess that would take too long to explain. In the Star of David there are 13 stars which of course symbolize the 13 original colonies, but why only 13? How is it that people during that time knew that 13 was all there were supposed to be and not 14, or 15? Then there is the Eagle that is holding all of the 13’s? Why an eagle? There is a sign in the zodiac that is not typically symbolized by an eagle but it is symbolized by an eagle in the sphinx. It is the sign of Scorpio. Then there is the e pluribus unum. Which does not translate to  ” In God we Trust” It translates to I think From One there are many, or something like that. Anyway there are 13 letters and I I think that all of the symbols included relate to 4 signs of the zodiac that are different than the other signs. I think that the signs were made different in the zodiac for a reason. They are made differently, and our founding fathers knew what they were and included them. The signs are: Scorpio because it is symbolized by a scorpion which is not a water creature, Sagittarius because it is not symbolized by an animal like the other fire signs, Virgo because that sign is symbolized by a human women, not like the other earth signs which are also symbolized by animals, and the last one is related to Aquarius and the fact that the water bearer is not a water sign. All of this was known in the 1700’s. Why was it known, and what does it relate to? Could it be that they knew about the list of 13’s? (1) That is how it is possible that i have been tortured most of my life, and it also explains why there was a document that was sent that offered wishes. The Jewish religion says they are 13th tribe, but there is a lot of proof that they are not and can’t be because the real 13th never existed on the world we call home. Therefore the Jewish religion is built on using 13’s or the connection to the 13th tribe that they provide since they are not really 13’s either. While my astrological chart shows that i have a water trinity in it, which has an origin to the bottomless pit, it does mean that I am really a 13 unless it is Vampirism (2) that is really what is going on. The paragraph above is probably very hard for most people to accept but it is true. The state of Israel has a wishing well, and they know why the state of Israel exists. It is because Adolf Hitler purchased i for them. It is because magick and occult were at work not just money, and not just the Rothschild’s. If the people that know what the list of 13 is are not the people that are allowed to use the machine, then why would they do what they do? It seems they would use the list only to keep the 13 long enough to get what they want and then kill the 13, which is mostly what my life has been. While they won’t murder me, they will torture me to death almost any way they can. Our mom tried to get a wish for me of plastic surgery, instead they said no and proceeded to write a movie in the Rothschild’s were asking for plastic surgery instead of a connection to a 13. So why would they write a movie about the Rothschilds since Jewish are not 13th tribe either? Since then they written a show called Lost in which almost the whole show was based on the Swan Project, are they kidding? Why did they really think that made any sense in the first place? I don’t think they really know they are not supposed to target 13 itself. But Neil likes to torture so much he did it that way, and then blamed my brother for it. If what Neil did to me when I was 12 years old wasn’t enough he comes back with an EM weapon and starts TEMPLE OF THE SCREAMING ELECTRON WHICH HAS NOT STOPPED TO THIS DAY. Over 15 years of Sleep deprivation The torture I have been through, and is included on this site was taken from a site called It is not today what it was, and in fact in the last 20 years it had 167 pages of how to torture on it. Most of the torture I describe as being something I have been a victim of was mentioned on that site. Just after I found it by accident I was able to get some of what was included then it was made unsearchable and then the computer that had a link that still made it possible to get to the site crashed and was never able to get to it again. But the fact that the letters in Totse stood for Temple of the Screaming Electron were related to something that Adolf Hitler was called says it all. He during the time he was in Germany and even during the time he was in Brazil for the Top Secret program he was referred to as the Screamer by some people.

What is really weird about what has happened to me in the last 40 years is the fact that I stopped talking at about 7-8 years old until I was over 40 years old. In the 1950’s, in our neighborhood there was a person my brother knew that could play concert type instruments i.e the oboe and the bass violin that said he was going to be a Trappist Monk. That person was being controlled by someone that had come from Boston, and one day said my brother was a spy. But I am sure he was wrong. But the Trappist monk thing is weird in the sense that a part of being a Trappist monk you take a vow of silence. I did not know why I stopped talking but it seems that someone or something related to Neil’s broomstick took over my life at 7-8 years old as though I were a monk.

The book and the movie “The name of the Rose”  are both important in explaining why that happened.

Things related to the Name of the Rose

Rosewell 1947

In Cincinnati Ohio 1992 till now


Pete Rose

La Rosa’s Pizza

Black Rose mentioned in the movie the Fat Spy

Torture I have been a victim of with the neurophones made only in Germany, and patents that have been created from Listening Inc.,

From the time I purchased a box spring mattress till the time I threw it away I was tortured every time I would try to sleep or lay down in my bed

There is a description of bed coils on the Internet now. The question I have is how they describe bed coils as something to do with mind control? Bed coils are bed coils, and they are not a Tesla or Caduceus Coil. But the bed coils did move on their own and caused me to purchase at least 5 different air beds so I did not have to put up with a bed I purchased for $800. 00 just to sleep on.

I also mention on this site the torture the torture that is listed on, or was listed on that site

I think I have also mentioned the torture Neil Donnelly did to me when I was 12 years old . Carried out by a professional that had been trained by Nazi’s of which, even though they would like to deny it, the Jewish people are also.            


*1. define what a (13)

13 is the connection, which I am not in the world in which we live sense, but i am in the Tree of Life and astrological sense. That meaning if you were able to do and understand my astrological chart you would find that the Wholly element Water is strongest in my chart as well as the houses related to the Wholly Water trinity.

The reason I say 13, even though it is not included in the zodiac, is that there was a time when 13 sign was a connection by origin to the Water element and Pisces as being all of the other 12 signs of zodiac.

To prove what I am saying there was a monk, based on bible code that has been found, than in 12th or 13th century found something in the bible that stated to four decimal places how long a month was supposed to be and it was in the area of 28.xxxx days. If you divide 365 by 28.xxxx days you see that there are really supposed to be 13 months not 12 months. So something has been changed for their reasons which most people are not interested in knowing. But there are a lot of people these days it seems that are really making an attempt to find things like that out. In fact even though I am an amateur astrologers I did not notice that fact until recently and how important it is to something much different. Even most science today agrees that the lunar cycle is something that controls our lives on a daily basis, maybe especially women. Which I think means that even Sun related astrology, and individual charts,  might be controlled by something else,

**2. define Vampirism as it relates to the Jewish religion.

For the most part being Jewish is not any different than any other religion except that there is an alphabet, which most religions don’t have, and because of that there is difference. There is a difference because they get to translate the documents their way in monasteries, and for that reason the documents and the bible books related to the documents are going to be forgeries. Some of the books and the Tower of Babel itself (where we got it in the mouth taking the third eye and putting the third in mouth in the form of language )  related to the books have been covered and are hidden to this day.

The reason I say Vampirism is that the definition of God is normally shown as G-d in the Jewish bible. If you realize that the “G” and the “d” are shortened from some other word or phrase, and not take just the word GOD as a word in itself then you will see what I am talking about. If you then look to astrology, which most Rabbi(t) ‘s are now saying is a part of the Jewish religion then you realize that the word GOD is related to the origin, at least I think it is true, to two signs of the zodiac. Those two signs are: Scorpio and Capricorn. So the (G) in GOD is related to GOAT, or (G)host, and the (D) is related to Scorpio or (D)evil and the 8th sign of the zodiac. The reason I put what look like parentheses around the (G) and the (d) are why I say that there is a Vampire origin to the Jewish and probably the Catholic religion also is because the Parentheses are actually connected to the glyph related to the sign Pisces and it’s connection to Vesica Pisces and the 13 sign of the zodiac.


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