EM And Physical Torture

The torture started with character assassination, just after I started first grade, and has continued to this day.

Sleep deprivation and fatigue:

—Silent but instantaneous application of “electronic caffeine” signal, forces awake and keeps awake

—Loud noises of doors slamming from neighbors, usually synchronized to attempts to fall asleep

—Precision-to-the-second “allowed sleep” and “forced awakening,” far too precise and repeated to be natural

—Daytime “fatigue attacks” can force the victim to sleep

Audible Voice to Skull (V2S):

—Delivered by at-a-distance radio signal

—Made to appear as emanating from thin air

—Voices or sound effects only the victim can hear

Inaudible Voice to Skull (Silent Sound):

—Delivered by at-a-distance radio signal;

—Manifested by sudden urges to do something/go somewhere

—Silent (ultrasonic) hypnosis presumed

—Programming hypnotic “triggers” – i.e., specific phrases, catchy songs, verbal hooks or other cues cause specific involuntary actions

Violent muscle triggering (flailing of limbs):

—Leg or arm jerks to violently force awake and keep awake

—Whole body jerks, as if body had been hit by large jolt of electricity

—Violent shaking of body.

    Controlling of arms and legs, because on top of using my soul/mind someone

     has put my physical arms and legs in the machine as though I were someone else  

     Even controlling my individual fingers; using the nerve endings to stick my finger in my eye, by remote control, while trying to sleep at night. Then using voice to skull to laugh about it through my skull 

Precision manipulation of body parts (slow, specific purpose):

—Forced memory blanking and induced erroneous actions

—Induced changes to hearing

—Sleep prevention each night, at exactly the same time (for years)

Sleep induction, often at inappropriate times

—Vivid controlled dreams, with sense of dream being forced or narrated

—Ultra-vivid forced images, as if a cartoon or photograph forced on visual field

To the Face:

—Manipulation of facial expressions

—Forced movement of jaw and clacking of teeth

——Manipulation of airways

—Externally controlled forced speech

—Artificial tinnitus (ringing in ears)

To the Body:

    Simulation of stroke repeated for years

—Wilding racing heart without cause

Heart palpitations without cause

—Remotely induced itching (sudden and violent, with no rash)

—Forced nudging of arm during delicate or messy work causing injury or spills

—Jolting, forced convulsions, and forced “muscle quaking”

—Forced precision manipulation of hands, sometimes synched to the forced waking visions

Sabotage at work:

Even making machine think that my head belongs to someone is a fire type of person rather than water  

—Deletion/corruption of computer files

—Planting viruses which could not have come from your computer usage pattern

—Spreading of rumors, sabotage to your working reputation

—Direct sabotage and theft of completed work

To the Brain:

—Microwave hearing of voice(s) that are not one’s own

—Manipulation of emotions and attacks on self-esteem

—External induction of inappropriate thoughts

—Reading, echoing, broadcasting and scrambling thoughts

Life threatening vehicle destruction death rays have been able to

disable cars since the first world war

The trouble with all of this is that someone can’t admit that human beings are not in the holographic dimension.

It seems that here is the reason that I am able to be tortured everyday, and I have no recourse to stop it from happening. Just because it is happening in the United States, and has nothing to do with politics does not mean it cannot happen. If people would realize that the GOD that most of them pray to everyday does not give a damn about them then maybe they would wake up, but they don’t

Cars and Death Rays

My “Step-brother” saying to Mike

“That’s our target” when I was 12 years old

What has happened to my cars for the past 20 years

Torture in the sense that I cannot do anything about this, and I am not a Stasi or CIA agent, but there was someone in our household that claimed to be, and had CIA identification

This is to let everyone know there are laws against using electromagnetic weapons in the United States. In fact, there was a law passed in Michigan, in the 1970’s, by the Weather Underground that said that all beam weapons of the electromagnetic type, and it spelled in real terms what was defined as a beam weapon were against the law.

It is no accident that people like Harry Grindell Mathews are on the internet for having discovered things like “death rays”, which were first brought to my attention by Tim McManis while I was a janitor at CIA(X) building services in Columbus. They are put on the internet only to give some people, like myself, that do not know much but know enough to know who really controls the internet

Here is an excerpt from a site “dedicated” to  Harry Grindell Mathews

This is what happened to me because someone neglected to realize that “IT’S A MAGNET” might just mean everything electric not the same as nothing electric. The everything and nothing are in the Buddhist meaning of the words nothing and everything not the account meaning of the words. Eric Schwing, and I quote, without the person that is writing this now knowing what he was talking about, and going to my biological brother, said to me “ITS A MAGNET” I guess he  (Eric Schwing)  got that somewhere off the document.

Here is part of the article on Nikola Tesla’s death ray which Neil sold to Mike, when I was about 7 years old, for the price of two baseballs without the brother that was never born knowing about it.

This is supposedly Tesla’s Tower. But

there has been no one that has ever been able to

find this tower on the planet earth 

The fact that Tesla has patents in the United States filed by the patent office going back to the 1800’s, and I have seen one for an electric motor proves that what is really going on is that the patents write themselves. No one could write 700 patents in a lifetime or even two lifetimes.

The Death Ray

By 1924 Matthews was working on his infamous ‘Death Ray’ , a means of transmitting energy without wires.  He first became interested in this after hearing reports that French aircraft had been mysteriously brought down over Germany by some unknown ray. Matthews doubted the existence of such a ‘mysterious ray’ at the time for he noticed that all the unexplained downing of aircraft seem to occur within the close proximity of high-powered radio stations and assumed that there must have been a connection.  Matthews knew that radio waves could carry electrical energy and considered the possibility that an aeroplane’s magneto was being shorted out when it flew close to a high-powered radio transmitting aerial, causing the engine to stall. Convinced that he could make a workable device to transmit energy without wires, he drew up some plans and started a research programme.  It wasn’t long before Matthews and his team achieved some encouraging results.  With his apparatus he was able to light an Osglim lamp, melt plate glass, explode gunpowder, kill vermin and stop a small petrol engine at a distance of sixty-four feet.    So how did his ‘Death Ray’ work?   It consisted of two main parts; a specialised electrical generator and a ‘carrier beam’ to act as a conductor and to direct the electrical energy.  The carrier beam provided an uninterrupted path along which the power was sent, acting as a conductor of electricity.  It was the electrical power transmitted along the carrier beam that could be used to burn the windings within a magneto, causing an engine to stall.





In 1992, not having had a car for 20 years , I left Columbus on a bicycle, at age 42. I had not had a car for 20 years because I completely gave up without knowing anything about why I had been a victim, and how I was a victim. I thought that the bruises that put on my arms were related to something I had done wrong, although I had not done anything wrong. I really did not why I had been told to do the type of baby sitting that most people think of when they hear that being said, even Pam Neil and Eleanor knew different. In the 1960’s just before Neil went in the Marine Corps he set me up using his wormhole to control the entire Joe Cole and Tommy situation. It was all mind control. In case you do not know they don’t call mind control for nothing. It is in fact nothing, that is it uses my soul/mind as a Pisces, and connects the entire human race is the reason Pisces is a target.  But why have I been targeted physically and no physically using an EM weapon when all they need to power their machine is my soul/mind? I think it is because of identity theft and we are supposedly to blame for murder. But if a murderer is put in my soul/mind because of dual ruler ship then isn’t that the same as the person looking at himself only?  I think Neil was told, after he went to New York with Eleanor in about 1963 that he could not live in a residential neighborhood anymore because, without knowing it for over 40 years Mike found CIA identification on the banks of whiskey creek where Al Capone had run Moonshine in the 1920’s. But Neil did not tell anyone and forced our whole family to move to Columbus. Then he was told again that he had to move so he had Mike take him in the 1960 Ford that our dad had bought to move us from Plantation with him and Eleanor and Pam in the new car, out to Pick Town (Pickerington Ohio) to the farm where he thought he might live, but I ended up being forced our of our house with Eleanor telling me I thought I hated my dad so my brief stay at Sam and Jan Smith’s, that I was tricked into by Neil and Paul Smith was not related to Sam and Jan, caused me not be able to come back to 820 Critchfield Road even though Neil had used his CIA identification with (Donna Lee) sounds like (Donnelly). On September 11, 2001 the records of the meeting Neil had at the 47 floor building in  the Trade Center complex, because that is where the CIA office was that Neil went to with Eleanor were blown up. I think the words L P Medley were on the door of the CIA office. You know like a record made of vinyl. Long playing medley. You do not think that the CIA are only in Langley Virginia do you?

The real baby sitting that is mentioned on the document that I have never seen is related to the broomstick Neil has and the wormhole associated with it.

I did not, when I was 10 years old say “I do not believe in mind control” in 1956   that the baby sitting that I was told to do      s something I did not know but had done something to our dad’s car in 1963. There is a document that my brother has to this day, and Eric Schwing, currently living in Virginia had a copy of when he visited Columbus. The document that I am speaking of is not a document that most people are aware exists, and most if not all law firms are scared of to the point of not even be willing to look at.

After I left Columbus, even though I had been told by the person who came to Columbus knew, but I did not, ended up in Cincinnati. If I explained the Hell I went through to get to Cincinnati it would be a story in itself, so I won’t say. But, I will say, several months before I ended up in Cincinnati I was in Dayton living in a homeless shelter provided by the Salvation Army, call booth house. While it is intended for alcoholics, everyone, at least I think everyone knew that I was not an alcoholic, but let me stay there anyway.

So, I was in a situation I had never been in before I intended to be an engineer, and in fact designed a recreation center, while in high school. Unfortunately, due to low self-esteem I did not think I was capable of handling college level work, even though both of my other brothers have at least a BS degree, and one of them has a PhD. The one with the PhD taught at the college level for about 20 years So, I tried to make the best of a very bad situation anyway, even though both of my brothers were in positions to help, neither of them wanted to because of the document mentioned above. While I was at Booth house, I started working at Burke Market Research, and since I was not paying rent,  or for food I was able to save $700. With that $700 dollars I was able to purchase a Volkswagen Rabbit, from a private owner. The really weird part though which most people will not understand, but I do, the car had been wrecked in the front fender. The person selling the car said that his son had wrecked the car in a parking lot. Of course, because it had a dent in the front fender, he was selling it for less than a car, of that model, and year would sell for. So, I finally had a car, something I had not had for 20 years prior to that time.

Now here comes the part that will probably sound to incredible to be true, but is absolutely true.

In 1923 Matthews claimed that he had invented an electric ray that would put magnetos out of action. In a demonstration to some select journalist he stopped a motorcycle engine from a distance. He also claimed that with enough power he could shoot down aeroplanes, explode gunpowder, stop ships and incapacitate infantry from the distance of four miles. Newspapers obliged by publishing sensational accounts of his invention.  


After the car continued to stall, creating what I thought were dangerous circumstances, with the engine suddenly stopping while on the interstate, I decided to purchase another car. So, in about 1996 or 97 I went to Superior Chevrolet, and got a car loan, The first car loan I was able to sign for myself, . The interest rate was high, but I was at least able to purchase a car on time. I ended up purchasing a 1992 Chevy Cavalier, and with my job at Sears Industrial was able to pay every payment on time, until the car was paid off completely. But something happened just before I paid it off, that was diagnosed by the mechanic, as a blown head gasket. I got an estimate of about $800 from a BP station when they still had full service stations, but decided that was more than I could afford at the time. But, I did find someone, by the name of Patty Beard, that had a husband that was a mechanic and agreed to do it for about $600 in his spare time, and did. But, just after, it was fixed something happened that I would not have imagined, and just a month after the car had been paid for, it caught on fire and was a total loss. I am sure that someone wanted me to blame Patty Beard’s husband for the car catching on fire, but I am sure that he was not the cause even though it spread around Sears that it was his fault.

There were several things that happened just after the car was towed away and I had to take a bus to work for a while that I found a little weird. The car insurance policy I had purchased only because I saw an ad on a bus bench, for Prudential, and included comprehensive, ended up being adjusted by the daughter of someone that worked at Sear Industrial.

Here is where what I have to say will seem incredible but true, and something there is no one will help with, and it related to electromagnetically taking over vehicles by remote control, even making impossible to start.

Here is what I found on the internet just after my Cavalier was paid for

Life threatening vehicle destruction by death rays has been possible since the first world war.

The life threatening vehicle destruction was all I happened to find on the internet. I added the rest.



So, giving me $3000, as the blue book value for the car I purchased, from a private owner a Hyundai, so I could save $2000 from the adjustment. So, for about a year, and working at Sear Industrial, and working part-time at the IRS the Hyundai continued to be a car that was at least reliable. I was then living in a 20 floor high rise called Madison house, in a condo on the second floor #206, not the eight floor where John Fine lived. Then the Hyundai, started having problems, for no reason at all, with the electric fuel injection.




 How I have been tortured for the last 20 years because of the Hell’s Angels contacting my brother and Eric Schwing behind my back in the 1970’s

Three years before I wsa born my soul was taken by a vacuum that is related to bigger on the inside than on the outside. Without my knowledge; when I was just 6 years old my brother, who was then 10 years old, was contacted by someone who said these words over the telephone “Nature says vacuums can’t exist” But what my brother did not realize what he was being told over the telephone were not words that I was supposed to know they were words that Neil, who was supposed to be invest gating something I did. So, before I was 7 years old their vacuum machine was saying only because I was born a Pisces and dual rulership says that Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces I never existed as a person and the calls that Mike was getting were for Neil. They were calls for Neil because of a test he was supposed to have taken in Boston but never took after he avoided spending time in a mental institution for a murder charge.

My brother with the document that to this day I have never seen close enough to read assumed the calls were for me, and would mention things I did not understand like “somewhere out in space there is a vacuum” With only being born as foreknowledge, and someone calling from outside the country the calls that were never made when I was around because Neil could follow me step for step just after the Gerson’s took me to Miami Beach when I was only 8 years old. He could follow step for step becaue he had my arm to move as though he were walking or running like me without knowing Neil even existed as a person.

So, I was a “born loser”, but not the same as the Hell’s Angels, that wore that on their jean jackets while riding Harley Hogs. In my opinion they are the people that caused so much trouble in my life that they have to be the reason sex has been associated in my life even though that has never really been the focus of my life. The calls continued to come to our household as though Neil were living there and also the one that was investigating his own life, but saying it was my life. I think he even used Paul Gerson’s life as though it were my own to cover up for the things that Ruth and Paul Sr and Paul Jr did to our house and our family. I was never born, do you understand that? So, Neil was the person going to St Anthony’s in first grade not me. Neil was the person that  did the report on California, and found out that the motto for the state was Eurika. Neil took everything that a child of only 5 years old or younger and used as though he were me. Just after our mom died he even asked my brother about my life before I was 5 years old when we were still living in St Petersburg, Florida where I was born on the west coast of Florida.

So, when Eric Schwing came to Columbus in the 1970’s I guess Mike had been called several times by the Hell’s Angels who kept calling him even when he was living in New Albany, a suburb of Columbus. It is also the reaon that Eric started getting smart with me and telling me that it was not “religious sex” it was “religious sects”, with his temper really getting out of control, like a psychotic might get.

No one seems to understand how the kabbalah and vortexes that the GOD world is related to, or even, the holographic world is related to in anyway. Just before our mom died, who also was allowed to see the Vampire document that was sent to our household in 1955, by Neil and the people he knew in Australia, she noticed something one day that scared her so much she did not know what to do. She noticed that there was a machine that included the entire phone system, but it was not a phone system the way it was being used that could follow her son step for step as though it was me.

Just after our mom died, who may bave died in an oxygen tent because the air being put through the oxygen tent, was poisoned. I had never known that Mike and our mom were trying to do somethng. I was never told, and all Neil did was lie to Mike. Our mom had been so worried because I was having so much trouble learning to read that she just did want to tell me that they were trying to get what Neil told them I was entitled to that was a wish. So, just after our mom tried for 5 years to help with what she did not understand while also being a housewife and mom, which she did very well she gave up because Neil did not care how he got to where he was going and how many people he killed or hurt.

   So our dad was talked into going over to the house that Pam Neil and Eleanor lived in by Mike. Mike did not know though, but he could have done more than he has done in the past 60 years, to try and fix what he did wrong. The first day our dad went over to their house his car that had been leased for him through Martin Marietta was stolen while in the drive way. A company that had been changed from Concrete Pipe Products to a company that dealt in government contracts and destroyed our dad’s career in Florida and almost completely.

I forgot to mention that because of Neil, in 1958, I had an epleptic seizure at the drive in that almost killed, I guess. I had no way of knowing because I was unconscious the whole time with convulsions. It was questioned, at the time, i guess whether it might have been caued by a sweat bee because I had a lot of alergies as a child that I grew out of when I got older. But Dr Lambert decided that it was not a result of the sweat bee that stung me in a car while we were at the drive in about 100 yards from where Pam Neil and Eleanor lived in Davie Florida. Mike, by the way, used that incident to think that he proved that I was using the document, but that is not what was going on. Neil called him and told him that he would provide something that he could show to our mom and dad to prove that I was somehow involved in what was going on but Mike did not understand Neil, according to the machine was me, and was using me as though he was and is a Vampire. That is exactlyhow he was able to do that and put it on the document  as though I was the one doing this to Neil and Mike instead of Neil doing it to our (W)holy family, which is exactly he was doing. A machine that could follow a child just as though he was that child. He could follow me around the neighborhood as though he was physically me even though he was not their Even having telephones ringing at exactly the time I am coming to their houses saying the physical presence of Mike’s youngest brother was someone else, and that person was a behavior problem.

So, in the 1970’s after Neil had lived in our household and I had been told one day, even after Neil with the way he was doing something was saying I did not exist and was never born I was told by a complete stranger, an adult no less that they were “going to  use my head as a backstop”. So, Neil uses the note our mom left behind to torture me laughing at me when I am woken up out of a sound sleep by feathers he was running over my ears. It was a note our mom had left with Mike that asked to wake me up for school. At the same time there was someone coming  to our house with a picture in his hand and knocking on our door. I guess Mike opened the door and the person asked if Neil was there holding up a picture he had of Neil. He then, with the picture in hand asked Mike if Cornelius Vanderbilt was there. If you know who I know that happened even though I was no where near the front door when Mike opened it. Remember Neil could follow me step for step and put in the place he wanted me to be in all the time also. The reason I know it happened was that Mike started calling Cornelius while we were living in Plantation, but I did not understand why he was saying at the time. If you know who Cornelius Vanderbilt was you would know he owned a railroad.


The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is a worldwide one-percenter motorcycle club whose members typically ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles and is considered an organized crime syndicate by the U.S. Department of Justice.

So not only were they using a “fly in the spiders mouth” . I guess the real spider allows the Arc of the Covenant to be diverted and Neil using his broomstick is able to take over me completely by diving or jumping into my soul/mind. Definatley not Leon Pinetta calling himself Geronimo because I used to say that at eight years old when I would jump off a high diving board in the Ft Lauderdale area. It was a salt water pool that you would pay about .20 cents to enter. CIA(X) building services is definatly not the CIA and Paul Hornung is definately not someone that is horney. Paul Hornung went to Notre Dame University I did not go to any university really. Neil forged documents using Donna Lee which sounds like his last name Donnelly.

If you know what the Hell’s Angels did as an initiation right it was having women “pull a train for the entire gang” I guess that is also the reason that John Hinkley was the person that shot Ronald Reagan and James Brady his parents worked for Vanderbilt Energy.

Am I a born loser only because I was born a Pisces (Crown of Thorns) you know? This is the organization that was started only because the person that was using me, and my soul/mind, was also related to formula that has been used since Ancient Egypt that uses the 9th sign of the zodiac to take the soul of the 12th sign of the zodiac only because of dual rulership with the planet Jupiter being the connection. In my chart that planet is not only in the 12th house and the 12th sign it is also backwards.

In the 1960’s and the 70’s the Hells Angels, with the help of groups like The Grateful Dead were both the security guards and the criminals at the same time. Which is exactly what has happened in Cincinnati starting with Central Parkway Tower (The (Y)mca having what was supposed to be a security guard watching closed circuit TV’s at the same time he was initiating crimes in the building. Including the torturing of me by the constant slamming of doors timing it exactly with my mind or soul. The symbol for the (Y)mca is Chi Rho. It was an organization started in France that was a Christian organization that thought exercise was also important. Br(Y)an Br(I)an. The group Over the Rhine  even wrote an album for Br(Y)an called “The Trumpet Child”

In the 1970’s, about the time Eric Schwing came to Columbus with the document that had been sent, or at least part of what had been sent to our house at 1458 SW 19th Ave, decided to track me down in Columbus by using a method he had been shown by someone before he left from where ever he came from. Who had taught him how to use the document (the document being the word itself) had taught him better than anyone in our household and those people consisted of our mom, then deceased and my brother only. So why did they send it to our household? They being the people that were planning to live in the Gator family after our mom died. So, since the document can tell what is going to happen to a person and where they are going to be either about 20 years in advance the people from Boston knew before they came to Florida that our mom was going to die about 7 years after they came there.

So in the 1970’s while Eric was in Columbus the Hell’s Angels with the Neil helping them, using a melded head of me that Neil had used to spread his case of murdering someone with a knife around our neighborhood to them and they called my brother. For some reason to this day whenever my brother gets the kind of call that i am speaking of he always thinks it is me instead of the mind meld of my frequency or soul and the  other frequency related to the planet/ symbol Jupiter.

When he gets calls about HOGS he does not even realize that it is the Hells Angels calling about their Harley Hogs

I may be a born loser only because being born a Pisces I am hunted by someone that wants access to the Abyss, which a 12th house Jupiter gives them and overall Pisces but I am not a Born Loser like the Hells Angels have on the back of their jackets


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