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For the last 55 years Hollywood-land has been at our door because the real entertainer has been using the Gates family until they are all DEAD. From the time the Mickey Mouse club went on the air in 1955 until now there has been an attitude that we are to blame for something the “entertainer” is actually to blame for, just as though that person was and is talking to himself

In case people have forgotten the Mickey Mouse club used to start off with the words from Mickey himself, waving his magic wand and saying: “Mishka, Moushka Mouse” cartoon. Mishka, because of the time period is a Russian word, I guess meaning One Tree” We, by the way, had an Oak Tree in the  front yard of our house at 1458 SW 19th Ave. Just after we moved from that house and our mom died the tree was purposely cut down. The original TWIGGY (water skiing squirrel)  lived in the oak tree, and it was the Model for our household until our mom died

Since that time, in the last 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that not only did the people who were calling our household, without my knowledge, cause our mom’s death they also tortured me just after we were living in the same house at 5251 SW 4th Court Plantation Florida. The reason I was never aware of what was going on was that they were using a telephone, that is not a system to call when I was not there. I was also having problems reading books and for that reason our mom did not think it was a good idea to tell me what was going on. I think, everyone in the household assumed that I knew something but was keeping quite about it. So, the person that claimed to be an investigator, at just 7 years old, and had CIA identification had a “high tech” stalking telephone that could and did call our house almost everyday when I was just starting first grade. High tech is not really the word to describe the telephone that tricks people to this day into believing that if someone calls when I am in the area then they have to be some sort of law enforcement or authority of some kind. But, that is in fact not the case, they are the most antisocial people the world has known. To stalk a 7 year old  child, while I am just walking around our neighborhood seems to incredible to be true but it really happened. Unfortunately, since no one asked me any questions, and our mom by the time she figured out that the telephone was stalking me, based on a call that came to our house  when I was 9 years, never had time to tell me. The call went something like this. Just as I was coming in the door of our house the telephone rang, and my brother then 13 years old picked up and the person at the other end said “he has to stay in the program” Those words were repeated across the room to our mom with a look that she was being terrorized in her face. My brother did not even think to ask the person why he just happened to be calling at the time he was calling. I think the person at the other end was the person telling my brother, behind my back, that he was the investigator and that is why my brother never thought to ask. The reason I think it was the person that was telling my brother he was an investigator and even fooled my brother into thinking he had spied on me was that just after we were living together that same person that claimed to be a friend of the Gates family proceeded to torture me with a note our mom had left, without anyone else knowing it in critical condition with my brother. The note asked my brother to wake me up for school. My brother, not even noticing that Paul Gerson Jr was helping Neil, proceeded to think that I was helping Neil, I wasn’t.  But, my brother had been put in a very bad position at the time, because someone had sent a document to our house, and then told our mom where it was being hidden in the house. So, my brother was made to look like he was to blame when in fact a machine had taken control of his anger at 11 years old and he became a possession of the person then to become our step brother.  She was in critical condition, and died only 2 1/2 years later.

As far as I am concerned if someone is willing to do that much to destroy  the world and everyone in it, then why are they living?

There was an animated movie with the title of Finding Nemo, as everyone knows, at the beginning of the movie there is a murder of Nemo’s mom. Whether anyone wants to realize it or not it was put in that animated movie for the very reason that I discovered the 5/3 interval in the last 18 years of my life. I think there is also a Disney character that was created about 1927, and stolen about that time, that is very important and shows just what can happen when a mind control or GOD machine is being controlled by the wrong type of GOD. The character Oswald the lucky rabbit, matches exactly what Lee Harvey Oswald was called in the 1950’s and was then killed just after the Kennedy assassination, because we all thought he was guilty.It turns out the person that shot Lee Harvey Oswald was a gangster and worked as a runner for Al Capone in the Chicago area. How did we allow that to happen? There was a movie that was made in the 1970’s called “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” I have a brother by the name of Roger, and I think someone tried to  suggest that he had something to do with the Kennedy assassination because he taught at a university in the Dallas area. The movie should have been titled “Who framed Oswald the rabbit” why was it called who shot Roger the rabbit. I think Neil kept controlling my brothers, and may have even been responsible for offering the job in a convenient location, just after he graduated from the University of Florida. I did not keep in contact with Roger, because I was having so many problems of my own in the Columbus area. But I think, even though Neil will never admit it in a way no one would think, kept in contact with Roger. I know it was not Roger’s fault, and I can prove it if necessary.

If you mirror image the word Nemo the spelling is I believe Omen. There have been several movies with Omen as the title, and I think the final conflict were a series of three movies. I have to say that I only watched the beginning of one, and it said that the movie was related in some way to March 21st date. That is only a day after our mom died, and it is the last day, approximately that the sun is in Pisces.

In 1955, when I was just 5 years old, there was a document sent to our household that I can only describe as an Ark (Arc) document. I did not sign up for anything, and I was not even aware it was in our household. To this day I have not been able to look at the document close enough to any words off of it. It was sent to our household because I was born a Pisces soul, and there machine connected to the Ark (Arc) of the Covenant told them I was a Pisces. Vessica Pisces or the two Arc that make up the sign Pisces are the beginning of all life. I thought of an example of that, even at the biological level. When cells divide, and become two, there is a place where the cells appear to be overlapping, and it is the overlapping of both that is exactly the same as the two arc’s that form the symbol of Pisces, and form Vessica Pisces.

Unfortunately it is also the Covenant that someone made a long time ago that keeps people with Pisces and the 12th house in bondage, because of something related to the sacrament of Communion, or the “eating” of the HOST. The Catholic church, because of a deal they made, offers up the Host as a sacrifice to something that I do not think is a (G)-(d) I would have made a deal with. The tabernacle is exactly the same, only in material form, of what the Ark of the Covenant is.

So, since I was 5 years old I have been a victim of a conspiracy of a sort. Unfortunately, people do not really understand what the word conspiracy means. If they were able to see things in the form of mind control, and see, and I do mean actually see, how controlled they are, they would find out it is the people that are appear not to be paranoid that are in fact the paranoid people. Conspiracies happen every day behind closed doors of offices and even in places like Washington D. C.  But when someone tortures someone for no reason at all. Who is the one that is paranoid?

Here’s a professional astrologers explanation of what can and does happen to people who are born with major theme related to the 12th house, but not just the 12th house, also Pisces in their birth charts.  “

Ah, the Twelfth House, bane of any Uranian Astrologer. This house rules the connection to the God Consciousness, divinity, religion, hospitals, prison, anything where you give up your free will, and are put in anothers control. A fate worse than death, to me. Channellers, mystics, and con men all owe their success to this House, and its ruler, Neptune

In my case it is  the con men that have used me all my life; and continue whether through character assassination, starting at age 7,  or physical torture starting at age 12, continue to torture me one way or another to this day.

That is way legislation against torture of this kind needs to passed in this country. I would not wish what I have been through on anyone. My parents who were the best parents a child could have tried their very best to help until the days they died, but could not.


Of course since I do not have one of those high powered lawyers like Paul Wolf none of what I sent went anywhere. But there was one thing I noticed when the information I sent them was sent back to me the page that included the torture printed directly from the site totse.org was not sent back to me.

I have recently sent in an FOIA request with the FBI. I look forward to the outcome. I hope it is better than the NSA. I have to say I am stupid when it comes to filing things like this, but I wonder how many people even make the effort under this democracy we live under? I do not think people should take this lightly, and I think most do, and that is exactly what people want.


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