Other Ways I Have Been Tortured

How it is possible that person claiming to be an investigator when he was only 7 years old, and keep it that way until the Gates household lost a parent. How he took over our family, and also made telephone calls to our household daily without the target even knowing it happened, took me over ten years of my life in the last 20 years to put together. How “HE”, and that person uses HE to talk to people so they never realize that they are talking about the person that is the perpatrator not the investigator, takes a lot because even the CIA and of course FBI went along with in the 1950’s. As hard as it is to accept that someone that was only 7 years old when he came to Ft Lauderdale, can actually trick the FBI and even the CIA to go along with it is essentially because all organizations from local law enforcement to CIA and NSA have limits. If they have limits and you have a machine that says there are no limits it is as easy as taking candy from a child. With a plan that had been put together in Germnany in the 1920’s, and the real baby sitting project around Ireland, they had covered everything including changing spy agencies from the OSS to the CIA, and how is it really possible that the CIA was convinced that hiring gangsters in Florida to kill Fidel Castro


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